Tea light shell - Antique Gold


Beautiful tactile decorative little bowls, when used with a tea light the light of the flame reflects off the glossy crystalline glaze.

Made from white earthenware clay, the shell is made by hand pressing the clay into a mould & working it to a delicate finish. Once released from the mould the shell is pushed to a non uniform shape. After the first firing a crystalline glaze is applied to the interior. The shell is then fired once more. Finally they are hand sanded in order to achieve a smooth tactile surface.

Each piece is unique due the handmade method & crystalline glaze.

Approximate size - 75mm dia x 40mm high.

The earthenware is semi-porous. It can hold light dry food- salt, pepper. The shells are unsuitable for the dishwasher.

The images shown are an indication of the forms and yours may vary slightly. Please contact me if you have a specific request.

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