Double Porcelain Tea Light Shell


Beautiful decorative double bowl, when used with a tea light the light of the flame gently glows through.

Made from white porcelain, these pieces are formed by combining two fine shells which were made by hand pressing the clay into a mould & worked to a fine finish. Once released from the mould the forms are joined together. After the first firing copper oxide is applied to the edge of the shell. The piece then goes though the final high firing where due to the fineness of the porcelain & the temperature the porcelain becomes soft & moves forming an unique piece. Finally they are hand sanded in order to achieve a smooth tactile surface.

Size - 80-90mm dia x 50-65mm high, due to the movement of the piece during firing the size is approximate

As each piece is unique the images shown are an indication of the forms and yours may vary slightly. Please contact me if you have a specific request.