Porcelain Tea Light Shell


Beautiful tactile decorative little bowls, when used with a tea light the light of the flame gently glows through.

Made from white porcelain by hand, using a mould as my resist, the clay has the imprint from my fingertip. With the porcelain there is a natural slight variation of thickness which when lit at night produces a soft cloudy effect. Each one is pushed to a non-uniform shape & is sanded on the outside surface to produce a smooth tactile surface.

Each piece is unique due the handmade method. 

Approximate size - 75mm dia x 40mm high.

The porcelain is a non-porous material so may hold a floating candle. They are not food friendly due to the copper oxide edge and are unsuitable for the dishwasher.

The images shown are an indication of the forms and yours may vary slightly. Please contact me if you have a specific request.

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